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Lohas Cycling through Mountains and Coast of Hualien and Taitung


This will be the 12th year of the Hualien-Taitung Cycling Race Series of Events—Bicycle Recreation Activity. This Lohas cycling event will maintain last year’s routes in the northern section of the East Rift Valley on small roads through the towns of Jian, Shoufeng, Fenglin, Guangfu and Ruishui. This year, the planners have decided to take cyclists off the beaten path and onto small roads for the central and southern sections of the East Rift Valley, passing through the towns of Yuli, Fuli, Chishang, the South Cross-Island Highway, Guanshan and Luye, allowing riders to heartily embrace the natural landscape.



  The cycling route is full of beautiful scenery along the countryside. The view of the Hualien-Taitung East Rift Valley is purely a product of nature, mountains being seen no matter where you look, and by biking, people can make personal contact with this beauty, becoming deeply engaged in the rich culture, old-town nostalgia and natural ecology.


" photoprovided by the Tourism Bureau,  the photographer's name:  Jhan Ti-Jhen _Beauty of Lichih Moon World , Taitung County "


The Taiwan Cyclist Federation will again bring participants into the arena of recreational cycling, leading them to experience that happy, leisurely feeling. Through keen observation, all will share the enjoyment of nature while riding on the small, less-known roads of Taiwan’s countryside. The hosts sincerely welcomes all!.


" photoprovided by the Tourism Bureau,  the photographer's name: LIU HSIEN MING_East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration   "

Guidance Agencies: Sports Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan, Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Hualien County Government, Taitung County Government

Host: Taiwan Cyclist Federation

Co-hosts: East Coast National Scenic Area Administration, East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration

Sponsor: ADM, Inc.

Date of Activity: April 20-22, 2012 (Friday-Sunday)

Who may participate: Anyone who loves cycling and outdoor recreation is welcome. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Transportation: Coordination between charter busing and cycling through the beautiful countryside of the East Rift Valley.

April 20 (Fri.):

13:00-14:00: Meet at Fullon Hotel. Get bikes and helmets. Warm up.
14:00-17:30: Easy warm-up ride→Qi Xing beach path→Sanzhanxi, about 40 km.
18:30: Dinner (stay at Hualien Fullon Hotel)

April 21 (Sat.) (East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Leisure Cycle of 70 km):

06:00: Morning call and breakfast.
07:30: Meet up at hotel→opening ceremony→watch Hualien-Taitung cycling race.
09:00: Board charter bus→begin trip into beautiful, green East Rift Valley.
10:00: Arrive at Yuli: Get bikes and helmets and take off after warm up.
10:30: Start on Yuli bike path→Luo Shan Recreational Scenic Area→Luo Shan Waterfall→Luo Shan Mud Volcano (about 25 km).
12:30: Lunch at Fuli.
13:30: Chishang bike path→tour “land of rice”→Da Po Pond→cycling around the dike (about 45 km).
17:00: Go back to hotel for 18:30 dinner (stay at Guanshan Landscape Hotel).
19:30: Share experiences and relax at hotel.

April 22 (Sun.) (East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Cycling Challenge Tour of 60 km):

06:00: Morning call and breakfast. Meet at hotel lobby.
08:00: Get bikes and helmets. Safety informative speech, warm up and take off.
08:10: Hotel→route 197→Luye tea fields→Longtian bike path→Gao Tai (about 40 km).
12:00: Lunch.
13:00: Yanping Township tribal area bike path→Hongye Little League Championship Memorial Hall (about 20 km).
15:30: Board charter bus to Hualien train station.
18:00: Arrive at Hualien train station (event conclusion). See you again next year!
Fee: NT$6,600 per person.

The fee includes: 3 days of insurance, 2 nights of accommodations (a 4-person room at the Hualien Fullon Hotel on April 20 and a 4-person room at the Guanshan Landscape Hotel on April 21), dinner for 4/20~21, breakfast and lunch for 4/21~4/22, support vehicles and a charter bus, a souvenir shirt, a souvenir water bottle, biking gloves and a certificate of completion. For those who wish to stay in a 2-person room, there will be an extra fee of NT$2,500 per person. There are a limited number of these rooms, so please confirm in advance.

How to register: Registration is currently underway. The event is limited to 80 people. Please submit a complete application along with the fee before March 27. The fee must be paid via money order which may be purchased at the post office or check and should be made payable to “Taiwan Cyclist Federation中華民國自行車騎士協會”. Send materials via registered mail to: “Taiwan Cyclist Federation” at 23146 New Taipei City, Xin Dian District, Zhong Xing Road, Section 2, Lane 100, No.17, 1F. Please do not attempt to register via fax or e-mail. Admission will be decided upon a first come first serve basis in accordance with the time registration materials are received. Once the 80 positions are taken, a notice will be posted on the website that no more applications will be accepted.

1. Things to bring: health insurance card, toiletries, changes of clothing, swim apparel, sunscreen, all-weather protection, camera, etc.
2.Biking equipment: hat, sunglasses, gloves (may use cotton gloves), double-strapped backpack, suitable biking wear (please no jeans).
3.While cycling, please heed instructions from leaders and follow traffic regulations and signs.
4.A total of 170 km will be ridden in 3 days. Please be aware of your ability. For those unable to complete routes, they may rest on the charter bus.

Accommodation information: Hualien Fullon Hotel: Hualien City, Min Sheng Road No. 51; phone: 03-8239988. Guanshan Landscape Hotel: 97642 Taitung County, Guan Shan, Bo Ai Road No. 1-6; phone: 089-814787.

Transportation: “TRA Bike Train” which runs between Hualien and Taitung (4/20-22). In the afternoon of 4/20 (Fri.), there will be a train from Hsinchu that stops at Taoyuan, Wanhua and Songshan. For details regarding train times, please see the Taiwan Railway schedule. If you need assistance in booking tickets, please indicate so on your registration form and include the necessary payment.

For further details, please contact Mr. Wu of the Taiwan Cyclist Federation at 02-8919-3595 or visit the website at www.cyclist.org.tw.


Source Authorize:Taitung County Government