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"2018 Hsinchu City Zhongyuan Cheng Huang Festival" Beings on August; Mayor Lin Chih-chien: All Publics are Welcome to Join the Feast!


"2018 Hsinchu City Zhongyuan Cheng Huang Festival" will begin on August 10 (June 29 on Lunar Calendar). 2018 will be the 4th year that Hsinchu City Government (HCCG) cooperates with Cheng Huang Temple to organize Zhongyuan event. Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien attended the "2018 Hsinchu City Zhongyuan Cheng Huang Festival Pre-opening Ceremony" and handed a flag and a key that have "Cheng Huang Ci Fu (Cheng Huang Blesses), Qi Hang Shun Li (have a smooth start)" printed on them to the leader of motorcycle team to symbolize the festival will proceed smoothly.

Mayor Lin emphasized Hsinchu City Cheng Huang Temple was built 270 years ago; it is like a miniature of the development of Hsinchu City and the center of beliefs in Hsinchu area. Hsinchu City Zhongyuan Cheng Huang Festival allows young citizens to see the cultural side of Hsinchu City. "Hang Jia (shackle of old times)" culture and cultural & creativity products around Cheng Huang Temple are the main attractions for young citizens; in addition, "Hang Jia" is also the only folklore intangible cultural heritage preserved in Hsinchu City.

Cheng Huang Greneal-director Zheng stated, wearing Hang Jia used to be associated with "shackles on crimials" and only 15 people were willing to participate in this symbolic ritual when it first opened to the public. Fortunately, through years of effort, HCCG and Cheng Huang Temple together had gradually changed the stereotype that citizens have towards Hang Jia, and now more than 800 people wish to participate in this ritual. General-director Zheng emphasized that Hang Jia is an action symbolizes expiation and resolves bad karma accumulated from past lives. He invited the nationals to come and join this cultural festival!

Mayor Lin also invited citizens across Taiwan to plan a trip to visit the festival; the festival not only brings good luck and ward off calamities for one's own and his/her close ones but also able to enjoy the Hsinchu City alley snacks recommended on the famous booking website "Booking.com."

2018 Hsinchu City Zhongyuan Cheng Huang Festival "Hang Jia Jie E (Hang Jia to resolve calamity)" was officially opened for application on June 14. HCCG and Hsinchu City Cheng Huang Temple have worked together and prepared gifts for online applicants for a limited period! Online applicants who successfully sign up and pay the application fee will have a chance to receive exquisite gift.

Online application address: https://goo.gl/forms/XDiws5o1idz3WNzm2

For detailed information, visit Hsinchu City Cheng Huang Temple Facebook fan page: https://goo.gl/i3AmMp.
Translated by: Po
Source Authorize:Hsinchu City Government